• rolled up billsMake the Most of Your 401k With Free Money.
    Problem #54: Have you glimpsed the financial unicorn – free money? Does it Exist? A unicorn is a mythical creature only glimpsed in fairy tales or dreams. It does not in fact exist, but what about free money? For which you neither have to work or stress over. Sound too good to be true? A while ago, I wrote an article about free money. I questioned whether it did in fact exist. I was [ . . . ]
  • the average american is in troubleIs the Average American in Trouble Without Knowing It?
    Problem #53: Too Many of Us are Content with being Average. Are you content with your finances? Do you think you’re similar to the average American? If you could go back and change a financial decision, would you? What would you do differently if you knew then what you know now? Or are you happy where you are? When it comes to money, I don’t think most of us want to be just average. [ . . . ]
  • don't borrow money, cash is kingShould I Ever Borrow Money if Cash is King?
    Problem #52: I’ve Heard that Cash is King, but Debt is Necessary to Live. If you think you need a loan, I’ve got news for you. You probably don’t. There is almost no scenario that requires you to borrow money. You don’t need a home-equity-line-of-credit, car loan, or student loan. (A mortgage is the only debt that I would consider plausible.) But . . . You’re thinking “I [ . . . ]