4 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Blank Wall with a Tapestry

blank living room wall needs decorPROBLEM #10: How do you decorate a blank wall?

It could be painted bland white or any other solid color. It needs something . . . a picture, maybe furniture. It’s boring.




Why not hang a tapestry? I know, I know, it sounds so medieval, and we all live in a castle right? It can be a quick way to cover a blank wall with something beautiful, or to hide something you don’t want guests to see – like a hole in the wall, or stains. In this post I’ll show you how I hung a tapestry in my house. In full disclosure this wasn’t all my idea – my wife has great taste, and an eye for colors – she was the brains behind this solution. FYI, you can follow her blog over on scrapyardthe.wordpress.com

Step 1

You need to find a wall covering or tapestry that you like. My wife chose one from Amazon.com. This is where I came in. I had to find some way to hang up the wall covering. We decided to use a curtain rod, and to hang the wall covering up as a curtain. We purchased a curtain rod; it came with all the screws and brackets needed to install the curtain rod. Curtain rod hardware kitAnd since my wife is crafty like that, she sewed a fold into the top of the wall covering that the curtain rod would fit through.

Step 2

Once you decide where you will put the curtain rod, you need to locate where the brackets need to be positioned to hold the curtain rod. Many times you won’t be able to control where the brackets need to be installed. If you get lucky, the bracket location will be directly over a stud. This is the ideal situation, and almost never happens to me.

Not to worry – there is a solution to install brackets in drywall. You can use drywall anchors. They come in several different sizes and styles. The differences in size are mainly to hold different weight objects.Drywall anchors with corresponding screws

Step 3

Once you have marked the position of the brackets, you will need to drill a hole that matches the size of the drywall anchor. Simply tap the drywall anchor into the hole. You now have a hole that you can use to install the screw that will hold the brackets. When you install the screw into the drywall anchor, the plastic expands and firmly holds the screw from pulling out. Just repeat step 3 until you have enough holes for all the bracket screws you need.curtain rod bracket installation

Step 4

Install the brackets to the wall. Thread the curtain rod through the wall covering, and place it in the brackets. That’s all there is to it. For some added flexibility – now that you have a curtain rod installed, you can change the wall covering anytime you like.tapestry installed on blank wall

Engineerism – If at first you don’t succeed, figure out why you failed, don’t just blindly try, try again.


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  1. Wow, you are right…your wife does have great taste. I guess that is why she picked you!

    Love how you explained all about dry wall screws. I had NO idea they were different sizes and how to install them. Thanks for that very informative post. 😉

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