A Side Hustle Can Help with Your Money Problems.

Problem #47: I need some extra money. How can I earn more to achieve my financial goals?

Do you ever wish you had some extra money? Maybe your income is not sufficient to meet your expenses monthly. This is a PROBLEM. The solution is a side hustle. You might be thinking – What?

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What in the world are you talking about? I’m talking of course about a side job. That’s what a side hustle is – an extra job to create extra money that you can use to achieve some of your financial goals. Want to go on a great vacation every year, but you don’t have the money? Get a side hustle.

Want to pay down your debt (student loans, car loans, or credit cards), then lower your spending and get a side hustle.

You can even use your side hustle to increase your “money gap“. In fact, I would urge you that this is one of the best ways to get your “money gap” up. But first . . .

Why is it called a “side hustle”?

running dogWell, because it’s a job “on the side” of your regular job. It’s in addition to your full-time job. And this is an important point. Don’t give too much emphasis to your side hustle. You should put your primary focus on your career to maximize your earning potential. This career/full-time job probably – though not always – has much more income potential anyway.

The hustle comes in because usually you have to “hustle” to make it work. It’s usually on off hours. Think: nights and weekends. It’s hard – it really becomes a hustle.

I played sports in high school, and one thing I always did was hustle. Even when I wasn’t the biggest, strongest, fastest, or most skilled, I still hustled. Some call it heart.

It’s more of a mindset. That never give-up, play to the whistle, always running attitude. I’m sure you’ve seen players like that in any sport. They are scrappy, and the crowd usually loves them. The opposing team hates them, because those players really make them work.

That’s what your side hustle is like. Especially if you need money to get out of debt or save for emergencies or retirement. You should be hustling and always running to get rid of your debt. Don’t give up. That attitude more than anything is what will help you to destroy your debt.

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How do I start?

First, what do you do in your full-time job? Are there skills that you’ve developed at your work that could translate to an extra job?

For example, are you a teacher? Do you speak English? Thought so – you could teach English as a second language to kids or even adults in other countries. Check out Englishkey to start. There are others as well.

Are you in finance or accounting? You could offer to help a small business or non-profit with their bookkeeping on a part-time basis.

There are a myriad of other part-time jobs requiring a variety of skills that you could do.photography side hustle

Second, what are your hobbies? Can you monetize any of the things you do for fun? Of course you can.

A hobby is something you enjoy doing – right? You wouldn’t do it otherwise. For instance, my wife loves crafting and scrap-booking. She’s been able to earn some extra money on the side by publishing some of her art journals in crafting magazines. It’s not a lot, but a little extra here or there can be a big help to take some pressure off your budget.

If you’re interested, you can check out her blog about crafting below.

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Are you a woodworker with a modest assortment of tools, jigs, and fixtures? Obviously you could sell some of what you make. You could also sell your plans of that unique piece that everyone is always asking about in your living room.

There really are no limitations to what you could do to make some extra money. Use your imagination and you might be surprised at what you come up with.


Just remember, don’t focus so much energy on your new side hustle that you neglect your full-time job. Your full-time job probably has the potential to earn you more money than your side job. Remember to work hard and strive for those beneficial promotions and benefits. If you spend all your energy on your side job, to the detriment of your full-time job, the result will be less income than you started with.

A side hustle can be a great way to earn extra money to achieve some of those financial goals that seem tough to complete. Get that scrappy attitude and work, work , work!

Do you have a side job? Let me know in the comments below.


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    • I think the fear of the unknown is what stops many people, myself included, from jumping in and taking a risk. But there’s no time like the present – right?

  1. I love this article! Now take your own advice and start that drafting business…I know you can do it!!
    I love you!
    ps. I like the thought of teaching English on the side. Sounds like a great side hustle.

  2. I have a few different side hustles – I consider my joe-job (retail work between contracts) a side hustle to tie me over between gigs. House sitting / pet sitting also works well for me! There’s really just one house I do it for, but it works so well for me.

    I love that your wife’s submitting stuff to crafting magazines – I would’ve never thought of that!

    • I never would have either, but she’s done it few times now.
      Are you house-sitting because they have pets, or do you watch an empty house? Just curious. Seems like a great side hustle. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great post. I am working on getting a side hustle. While my career is #1, the mental challenge of the side hustle is more stimulating. That might be due to having more control over the hustle than at work. Working in hr does not allow for much creativity. Even when I am writing policy, it has to comply with many different laws and regulations. The side hustle is all mine.

    • The flexibility is one of the appealing aspects of a side hustle – you can do anything you want – and hopefully make money at the same time. 😁 Thanks for commenting.

  4. Well, a side hustle can add much needed diversity and drive to your list of skills. However, by taking on a side job, perhaps in a field quite different from their chosen profession, they may find themselves with brand-new abilities that really help .

    • Thanks Jules, a side hustle can certainly help to develop extra skills. That’s something I hadn’t really mentioned in the article. Good point.

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