Does this ____ make me look fat?

PROBLEM #14: How to Answer the Dreaded Question.

How often do you find yourself in this scenario? You’reDo I look fat? getting ready to go out to eat, to a party, to church, or to a work event. And your wife asks you a question. “Does this skirt/shirt/dress/outfit make me look fat?” Is this a loaded question or what? Cue the Jaws music in the background . . . You’re in dangerous waters my friend.

If you’ve been married for any length of time, you’ve probably been asked this question by your lovely wife. This question definitely causes a PROBLEM.


angry baby tessa

“Excuse me, WHAT did you say?”

On one hand, if you answer to the affirmative – “Yes, you look fat”, you know you’ll be in for a long night on the couch or worse. Most men know that this is most certainly the wrong answer. If you aren’t in this “most men” group . . . you’ll learn . . . eventually.

On the other hand – if you answer “No, of course not dear, you don’t look fat.” – this may sound safer – to those with less experience. But is it really? If you lie or if she thinks you are lying (lying almost always ends in disaster), you’ll probably be caught in your web of deceit eventually. Someone (one of her girl friends – most likely) will alert your wife to the fact that her particular outfit does not flatter her body type, and that she should probably not wear it again. Where do you think she will go when that happens? You guessed it – right to her dear husband who should have told that very thing in the first place. Guess what? You spend more time on the couch or worse. This is another wrong answer.

So then what can we do? We can’t answer yes or no. Don’t worry – I have a SOLUTION guaranteed to work for you.


Now, pay close attention. The answer to the question is: “I’m sorry dear, but I don’t know. I think you look beautiful no matter what you wear.” You see – this can never go wrong. You don’t say yes or no. You deflect, and by ending with a compliment, you maintain her trust and good grace. In my experience, this works every time. I’ve refused to answer this question – except as I’ve outlined above – so many times that my wife does not ask it anymore.    . . . exhale . . . whew

Don’t worry. You too can get to the safe place of never having to answer that question. Just remember what you learned today. wink, wink, It’s in your best interest.

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