Recommendations and Reviews

Dave Ramsey Book

"Total Money Makeover" Review

Dave Ramsey seems to be a polarizing figure in the realm of personal finance, but his advice is based on his own personal experience. As someone who has made and lost millions, I think he is well qualified to provide financial advice.

“Total Money Makeover” contains direct personal finance information for those who struggle with debt/savings/planning. From saving your first $1000 to funding retirement, Dave covers the entire path to financial independence with his “baby steps”. His direct writing style gets right to the point and cuts through the nonsense.

Along with advice you receive on this site of course, this book contains some solid financial advice. Do yourself a favor – buy this book.


Boundaries Book

"Boundaries" Review

“Boundaries” is a great book for those who have trouble saying “No”. If you find yourself capitulating to those around you – friends, co-workers, family – this is the book for you. 

Henry Cloud and John Townsend together have an easy to read style coupled with fantastic advice for all ages. From family and work situations to parenting and marriage relationships, any area of life requires healthy “Boundaries”.


Mr. Money Mustache is a unique name for a unique individual. As a former (retired at 30) software engineer, he made a great income, but his spending – or lack thereof – was what enabled his early retirement. He now spends some of his free time running his wildly successful blog. He has a unique in-your-face style that is effective if not offensive. (Warning: language is prevalent) From rarely driving to threatening to”punch you in the face”, his money advice is sound and honest. 

Bobby (the millennial money man) is a great resource for all thing personal finance related. He also offers advice for starting your own blog – which I’ve used here at CYinnovations. 

My Sons Father (MSF) is a great new blog. He is writing for his sons to ensure that they always have something to remember and remind them of their Father. He provides financial advice as well as general topics that always seem to come up in the life of a Dad. Legos are not optional, and are used with skill and abandon.

Mike on his blog has a variety of info – from personal finance to fitness. His blog is going strong and growing. While we don’t always agree on everything (credit cards and debt), he has some great advice and interesting posts. Check it out.

Kyle over at DollarDiligence has some great financial advice for all ages. His blog is newer (like mine), but great content none-the-less.

Wes runs the Pursuit of Happiness blog. Which is of course about the pursuit of happiness. He has lots of interesting articles about happiness, sustainability, and personal finance. I also did an interview with him a while back. Check it out here, and then head on over to his blog.



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