Are Practical Choices the Key to Unlock Financial Success?

Problem #36: I’ve Never been “Discovered” or Had My Big Break – Can I Still be Financially Successful?

The most successful movies tell a story that is compelling and inspiring. They can highlight the events in the main character lives with excitement – chronicling their rise from mediocrity to success. We all aspire to be a success story. We love to hear stories about others who rose from the depths of difficult situations. And who were beacons of light to others struggling in similar circumstances. We can relate to those stories.

Have you ever seen, “Cinderella Man”? Russell Crowe plays a boxer down on his luck during the great depression. The events in his life went from good to bad to great – all in two hours. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it – it really is a good movie. It’s an inspiring story of grit and determination – and success.

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Or maybe you’re waiting around to be “discovered”? If so – we have a PROBLEM.

financial success requires hard workThe way I see it – there are two types of people. Those who are a financial success, and those who aspire to be. Ok . . . maybe there’s a third type also – those who don’t care or want to succeed.

Movie Success vs. Real Life Financial Success

If we ask those who are financial successes, or those that made it big – how did you get there? Most of them would say – hard work and persistence.

Imagine that some famous Hollywood producer wanted to make a movie about their life? What if they wanted to show the audience that financial success is possible for the ordinary man? What would that movie consist of? Would they spend all their time showcasing how this person chose a college and got a good job? Would they show the day-in-day-out hard work at that job? I think that would probably be one of the most boring movies ever made!!

There are certainly a few pivotal choices that can alter your financial future instantly if you choose poorly. Where you go to college. What occupation you choose. Even what state you live in. But these choices aren’t ultimately what creates financial success.

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Movies highlight major moments in a story of someone’s life. But these moments do not make a person financially successful. Sure, you could win the lottery (you won’t – read this), or receive an inheritance. But these things don’t happen to most people, and they can still find financial success.

Then how can we succeed?

There are many other in-between moments that can make or break you. Life is made up of many small, seemingly insignificant choices. But these choices build on each other. The choice to work hard at your job – day-in and day-out – not just when the boss is watching. Or the choice to spend your free time working on your side hustle. If you do this,  one day you’ll look up, and you’ll realize you have a built a life based on beneficial habits, frugal spending, and savvy investing.

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red brick wallHow did you do it? Did you go from a bum on the street to financial success overnight? Were there two or three big events that brought you all the way from poverty to millionaire? No, most likely it was a series of small choices made over many years that led to financial success.

You can’t build a cathedral with two giant bricks and two minutes of work. It takes millions of tiny bricks, and many hours of labor to craft a beautiful building. Why should our lives be any different?



So, the next time you find yourself grumbling about how you’ll never make it. And it’s always so hard. Remember that it’s the small choices and attitudes that builds a life of happiness, contentment, and financial success. And keep on keeping on.

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