Obtain DIY Skills and Confidence to Use Them

PROBLEM #5: How do you gain confidence and DIY skills to tackle those projects that are piling up?

Do you feel inadequate when it comes to DIY projects? Are you afraid to “mess it up”, and have to call in a pro to fix your errors. And to insult to injury, you know they’ll just say, “Why didn’t you call me in the first place?” Do you have limited DIY skills? This fear can lead to you taking no action, and never getting the home you dreamed of, let alone fixing that leaky faucet. This is definitely a PROBLEM.

The good news is: a statement like the title of this post is in most cases just a confidence issue. The bad news is: it does take some mechanical aptitude to complete most DIY projects. But don’t worry, I’m here to help . . . as are many other blogs.Workbelt with tools and toolbox held by handyman with DIY skills


Most DIY skills can learned by simply reading and researching the topic or problem you are trying to solve. Then it becomes simply a matter of trying, and . . . Yes, sometimes failing to perform the necessary tasks.

For example, think about how you would use a cordless drill to hang a shelf on your wall. Those of us who have been DIY’ing (is that even a word?) for years, look at this task, and we immediately know what we have to do to hang the shelf. We know we need to find the studs, attach one bracket to the wall, attach the second bracket, make sure they are both level, and finally attach the shelf to the brackets. Of course, I’ve skipped many steps for the novice DIY’er, but on the flip-side: the steps above are far too detailed for the experienced contractor. wink, wink I’m not a contractor – I’m an engineer. If can acquire necessary skills, YOU can too. It just takes some ambition and a willingness to learn. Then you need to practice, practice, practice.

When you have a problem staring you square in the face, the worst thing you can do is turn away and ignore it. Once you decide to face your problem and solve it, the confidence gained will be inspiration to take on other challenges. Go for it! You can do it.

. . . just don’t fix it like these poor folks. Please research it, and do it right.


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