Coat Rack that keeps Mudroom/Entry Organized

PROBLEM #3: How to organize multiple articles of clothing in entryway or mudroom with an innovative coat rack.un-organized entry in need of a coat rack

If your entry or mudroom looks like the picture – coats and hats strewn all over – you may have a PROBLEM.

SOLUTION: The good news is, it’s fairly simple. You need a coat rack. Now you could just go out and buy a coat rack, but here at CYinnovations, we are interested in creative solutions. So we will, of course, make our own coat rack.



Materials I used:

  • 1 base – 1″x6″x42″ – I used pine, but you could use any wood species.
  • 7 drawer knobs – this is the genius behind the project. You will need to find knobs/pulls that protrude as far as possible, because you will be hanging your coats off these knobs. If you choose knobs that don’t protrude, your coats and hats will always be falling on the floor. This will be annoying to say the least.
  • Paint – color of your choice

Drawer knobs – this is the genius behind the project.


The first step is to figure out how long I wanted to make my coat rack. I decided on 42″ long. You can route a profile around the edge of the board to dress it up like I did. Alternatively, you could leave it square, or even router a more complex profile – it’s up to you.completed coat rack

You need to decide how many knobs you will be able to mount to the base. I decided that I could fit 7 knobs on the base. I staggered them evenly in two rows. The top row has 3 knobs, and the bottom has 4 knobs. I drilled holes through the board to mount the knobs. I also had to counter-bore the back of the base for the mounting nuts. This will allow the base to sit flat against the wall. Whatever layout you choose, just remember that you have to be able to hang bulky winter coats on the knobs. If you space them too close together, this will be difficult and frustrating later.

It was at this point that I spray painted the base. Next, I installed the knobs onto the base in the holes that I had previously drilled.


To install the coat rack on the wall, first find the studs. Two attachment points should be enough. I simply drilled a screw directly through the base into the studs where they happened to be. It doesn’t need to be symmetrical. You are just trying to secure the base to the wall.

Tip: to prevent the wood base from splitting, pre-drill the attachment screw hole with a counter-sink bit.

Congratulations: you now have a stylish coat rack that is completely customized to your decor.Coat rack with coats hanging on drawer knobs


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