2017 3rd Quarter Report – 9 Months of Blogging

2017 3rd Quarter Report

This is the third of these posts. And they seem to be popular. I guess everyone likes to take a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. And I admit, I like reading other monthly/quarterly reports from other blogs too. It’s a little like a guilty pleasure. Like you know something you’re not really supposed to know.

And while this quarter was not the best one in terms of traffic, it was certainly better in terms of comments and engagement. Which in my book is better than quick page-views. It’s always amazing to me the amount of people who care enough to read some of the stuff that I’m just typing in my computer. Sometimes it seems like nonsense or totally off-base, but you guys continue to come back and some of you poor souls even seem to enjoy my writing. Which is great!!

You can check out the older quarterly reports here:

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3rd quarter report

Okay, now that we have that out-of-the-way, let’s get to the statistics.

Most Popular Postpersonal finance blogger interviews

So . . . My most popular post this quarter, with the most views is:

An Aha Moment with Personal Finance Bloggers

With the first part of my story coming in a close second.

My Normal Financial Story is Filled with Money Mistakes.

2017 3rd Quarter Report Views and Visitors.


• Pageviews – 1623
• Sessions – 590
• Pageviews/Session – 2.75


• Pageviews – 1499
• Sessions – 612
• Pageviews/Session – 2.45


• Pageviews – 1086
• Sessions – 711
• Pageviews/Session – 1.53

Traffic has been relatively steady. . . I guess. And while it’s not amazing numbers, I do not take for granted the audience I have. Hopefully, I can figure out how to get the word out more, and start to grow these numbers. If any of you bloggers have any tips or recommendations, I would certainly be open to suggestions.

2017 3rd Quarter Report Income

So . . . income. hmmmm

I’ve earned just this quarter alone: $0.75

I’d be doing great if this was 1918, and a loaf of bread cost $0.06. But blogging didn’t exist back then, at least in its present form. And I didn’t exist back then, at least not in . . . oh well.

All of these earning have come from a few ads here and there throughout the site. Most bloggers earn much more through affiliate income, where they partner with another company to sell their product. Maybe I’ll figure that eventually, but for now, I’ll probably continue doing more of the same.

Blog Income: I'd be doing great if this was 1918, when bread cost 6 cents. Click To Tweet

Just like before, I’m trying to encourage you to take responsibility for your own financial problems. Once you do, you’ll change your financial behavior on your own, and using some of the tools and info found here and elsewhere success will become inevitable. So to that end, if you’ve been entertained or learned something from even one of my posts, I would consider this blog a success. But I would certainly welcome and appreciate new e-mail subscribers. Please enter your e-mail in the form below to start receiving each new post delivered directly to your inbox.

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  1. Great post chris..i thoroughly enjoyed reading it and i admire you for sharing this with us..may i know how you get the twitter thingy in the middle of your post? The thing that says: “blog income: i’d be doing great if this was 1918, when bread costs 6 cents”..click here to tweet . I also really like your photos, do you use canva to create images? Sorry if i am asking too many questions…i really appreciate when i see something i like and i would like to incorporate this in my blog :)..thanks.

    • No worries. Yes, I use Canva for all my pictures with text on them.
      To embed tweets in my posts I use a WordPress plugin called “better click to tweet” or BCTT.
      And thanks for the kind words, and for stopping by. 😁

  2. 0.75 cents. That is great! Good job honey. You are doing amazing. Stick with it and I know it will pay off! You are a great writer.
    Love you,

    • Haha. At least $5, which is pretty good considering. I’m certainly going to need a few more bills though to add to it.
      Thanks for the comment, Wes.

  3. Thanks for sharing your page views and such. I’m at the one month mark. It’s fun to have a “good” day of views, isn’t it?! Other days, not so much viewing activity, but that will hopefully grow as I can make time to write and tweet more consistently.
    Good point, too, about comments and engagement vs. just quick page views.

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