2017 2nd Quarter Report

I wanted to start this 2nd quarter report by saying a big “Thank-you” to all of you who have followed and have read my posts. I hope that they have been informative and inspiring. Or maybe at least entertaining.

If you are a reader, and you have been receiving some value from my weekly posts, would you consider letting me know? Those of you that have commented – Thank you. I sincerely appreciate the interaction, and you taking the time to write a comment.

Change from WordPress Stats to Google Analytics

Some of you may notice a little change in the statistics that I’m reporting. Mainly in the terms used. “Views” changed to “Pageviews”. “Visitors” changed to “Sessions”, and “Views/Visitor” changed to “Pageviews/Session”. This is because in March I implemented Google Analytics (GA) into CYinnovations. It took a few weeks to figure out how to use it. In April it still wasn’t quite right, but I think I have it figured out . . . mostly.

One of the biggest differences I noticed right away between WordPress (WP) stats and GA was Twitter traffic. WP was totally missing most of it! I’m not sure why, but most of the views were still reported in WP in April at least, but there was no indication of where they came from. I had put in a fair amount of work into increasing my Twitter followers/presence and per WP, it wasn’t paying off.

Check this out:

 WP (Views from Twitter Referrals)GA (Sessions from Twitter Referrals)GA (Pageviews from Twitter Referrals)

WP does not break out the sessions in the referral views report so I don’t know how many sessions make up these views. But I’m losing about 150 views/month just from this discrepancy alone. Maybe not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I did find it interesting.

Another difference is the ability to filter out non-relevant information, such my own page-views. GA offers this capability. While I could certainly inflate my stats by visiting my own page/posts many times, that would not tell the true story of how well I’m doing.

Note that all the data reported below has my views filtered out. In reality, last quarter’s data would have roughly 25% or more reduction in data that was not filtered out. So it looks likes things were worse to start with than last quarter, but it’s deceiving. Unfortunately, I only have last quarter’s data available in WP, so I cannot go back and filter the data to see the true results.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the statistics.

Most Popular Post3 ways to cut your grocery spending

Drum-roll please . . . The most popular post I’ve written with the most views and comments is:

Grocery Spending and Keeping Your Budget Intact

With the first part of my story coming in a close second.

My Normal Financial Story is Filled with Money Mistakes.

2017 2nd Quarter Report Views and Visitors.


• Pageviews – 602
• Sessions – 385
• Pageviews/Session – 1.56


• Pageviews – 1709
• Sessions – 471
• Pageviews/Session – 3.63


• Pageviews – 1804
• Sessions – 623
• Pageviews/Session – 2.89

Overall the trend has been positive. Thanks to all of you who consistently read my articles. And alsoto those that have shared on Twitter and Facebook. I do appreciate it.

2017 2nd Quarter Report Income

So this quarter’s income has increased slightly.

I’ve earned a grand total of: $1.25

I might be able to now buy a . . . single . . . cup of coffee . . . as long as it’s not too big. Seriously, I still haven’t hit it big. As I’m always saying, you can’t get rich quick, and making money takes work no matter how you’re trying to earn it.

The silver lining is that it’s more than last quarter. But still, when my 9-year-old son feels bad for me, because he finds more money under his bed than I’ve earned blogging, it does sting a little. But then I remember that I do enjoy blogging – it’s not always about the money . . . right?

My son found more money under his bed than I earned blogging this quarter. Click To Tweet

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    • Progress is certainly encouraging. I would have hoped for more . . . but that’s what keeps the drive alive. Plus I do enjoy writing and interacting through this platform. Thanks for the comment Lance.

  1. Love that line about the little. So true!
    I KNOW you will be a successful blogger some day because you are persistent and goal oriented.I have never known you to fail at anything that you put your mind too! Just one of the many things that I admire and love about you. Don’t get discouraged. I will even put on a cheer leading outfit and do a cheer if it will make you feel better. On second thought…it might make things worse. 😉 Maybe I should just stick to encouraging words.
    I love you!

  2. Yes, listen to Kate and don’t get discouraged! 🙂 I’m just shy of six months myself. It is a ton more work than I anticipated but I love it. I do enjoy your posts so keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks Amy. I don’t plan on stopping.
      And like you, it’s been more work than I anticipated. But that’s part of it, right.
      Thanks for stopping by.😁

    • Thanks Lily. I’ve heard that too. I guess I have to keep going now . . . not that I was planning on giving up. I don’t really know how I would even walk away. I just don’t do that. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement. 👍

  3. I subscribed!

    Nice job. Even a cup of coffee from McDonald’s must feel good, right? I’m not sure why WordPress didn’t track all traffic but welcome to Google Analytics! Have you tried Sumo Me? It should track ALL traffic to your website. Who knows what you’re missing from Bing and Yandex but I’m definitely no expert.

    Congrats on a great quarter! I look forward to your next post.

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