2017 1st Quarter Report (Views/Visitors/Income)

2017 1st Quarter Report

I wanted to start this 1st quarter report by saying a big “Thank-you” to all of you who have followed and have read my posts. I hope that they have been informative and inspiring. Or maybe at least entertaining. I plan on writing regular quarterly reports in the future as well.

Let’s get to the statistics.

2017 1st Quarter Views and Visitors.


  • Views – 338
  • Visitors – 86
  • Views/Visitor – 3.93


  • Views – 206
  • Visitors – 46
  • Views/Visitor – 4.48


  • Views – 855
  • Visitors – 294
  • Views/Visitor – 2.91

February was a down month mainly because I was changing a few things on the site, and learning a lot about blogging in general. It looks like these changes have helped as March has been my best month – so far.

I think that the other main take-away from these stats is that the Views/Visitor is 3 or 4 in each month. This tells me that most people who land on my site usually read more than 1 or 2 posts – on average. I’m assuming this is because my content is at least a little bit interesting. If it wasn’t, you would most likely back out after reading the first post you come across. Time will tell if this trend continues.

Most Popular Post

Drum-roll please . . . The most popular post I’ve written with the most views and comments is:

“Credit cards: Necessary Evil or Useful Tool”

I started this blog in late December with the intention of writing about all kinds of problems and solutions. I quickly realized that of all the posts I’ve written, the posts about personal finance problems are more relevant to many of you. Perhaps it’s because we all have finances, or maybe it’s because we all enjoy reading someone else’e take on money topics. In either case, I hope that you can continue to find useful content here.

The other posts that have been popular are the two that I have written about relationship problems.

“New Year’s Resolutions – Diet Issues”

Chocolate cake on a platter missing a piece


“Does this ____ make me look fat?”

2017 1st Quarter Income

The other reason that i started this blog was to hopefully earn a little extra money on the side. I’m a member of two affiliate programs right now: Amazon Affiliates and Google Adsense. How am I doing so far? Well . . .

I’ve earned a grand total of: $0.35

That’s right – 35 cents.

I certainly knew that making money in any endeavor requires work and effort. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme, and if there is (there isn’t), blogging is not it. It takes work to create posts/content, and it takes work to promote it, and grow an audience. But I’m not a stranger to hard work. After all, I used to wake up early on Saturdays when I was in high school just to “cut wood” for our wood stove. My Dad would say, “Let’s go – It builds character.” So – thanks Dad for instilling a good work ethic in me. But hopefully by next quarter I can at least earn a dollar or more. Progress is always encouraging . . . right?


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  1. Very interesting to see your viewership numbers over the first quarter. It’s nice to have some idea of what I can expect moving forward as I develop my essential brand new blog.

    • Thanks Sean. I appreciate the feedback. I would caution you a little to taper expectations. You never really know how your thoughts will be received until you put it out there. I hope it works out for you. Good luck.

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  3. I appreciate your honesty here Chris. I’ve been an aspiring blogger for many years, and it’s helpful to know what my expectations should be one day when I finally take the plunge!

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s encouraging to know others are reading. Why not change the aspiring to active? It is work (blogging), but it’s fun too. I’m sure you could do it.

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