• keep hustlingA Side Hustle Can Help with Your Money Problems.
    Problem #47: I need some extra money. How can I earn more to achieve my financial goals? Do you ever wish you had some extra money? Maybe your income is not sufficient to meet your expenses monthly. This is a PROBLEM. The solution is a side hustle. You might be thinking – What? What in the world are you talking about? I’m talking of course about a side job. That’s what a side [ . . . ]
  • money gapMind the Money Gap, and Have Some Fun.
    Problem #46: I Never Have Any Money Left Over at the End of the Month for Fun Stuff. What’s your “money gap”? Before you leave thinking “How rude is he?” Hear me out. What I mean is: What’s the difference between your necessary expenses and your income? How much extra do you have left over at the end of the month? So . . . what’s yours? Just check your [ . . . ]
  • what's in your walletWhat’s In Your Wallet? No Really!
    Problem 45: Wallet Issues? Is your wallet stuffed with cards, but no money? This post contains affiliate links. For more information check out my Disclosure. What’s in your wallet? I’m sure you’ve heard that slogan by a well-known not-to-be-named-here credit card company. When Capital O. . . err I mean, when this company says this, what they really mean is, “Do you have [ . . . ]